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We are an organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for  various Invisible Illness communities.  Through collaborating with local artists & entrepreneurs we create items for you to purchase while donating all proceeds to the active fundraiser. 

Your body tells a part of your story that only you understand, but that the world should also know. As part of our mission we work to share the true stories of our collaborators, supporters, and those we advocate for. 

Shop, donate, and read along as we continue to support those who need it most.

We look forward to hearing your story!


Part of our mission is to tell your story! We would love to hear your experiences, Either as someone who lives with a chronic illness themselves, or as someone who cares for someone living with a chronic illness. Tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly. We're here to show support and raise awareness - in order to improve as many lives as we can.  we want to know what you go through. Thank you!

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